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The Importance of Testing for Air Quality
Business owners will often enlist independent testing for air quality in the workplace to ensure that the environment is safe for employees. This is especially true for business owners in the following industries:
  • Large manufacturing;
  • Engineering firms;
  • Commercial and industrial facilities; and
  • Generator manufacturing.
Companies that operate in these industries should have regular independent air quality testing performed as a part of due diligence on behalf of the industry. These industries are naturally more susceptible to higher levels of contaminants being present in the air due to the processes that are key components of the business.
Consistent air quality testing is essential to ensure that the level of dangerous contaminants in the air remains minimal. Consistent testing helps to detect increased pollutants and makes it possible to take corrective action before they result in illnesses for employees and potential long-term complications.
While the identified industries are more susceptible to lower air quality, it is a good idea for any business to have an independent air quality test performed to guarantee the health of its employees.
Indoor Air Quality Testing
Indoor air quality testing is most important because contaminants are less likely to be dispersed in confined areas than if they were outside. A comprehensive indoor air quality test will detect any contaminants originating from the following:
  • Building materials (asbestos is one of the best examples);
  • Furnishings ; and
  • Equipment and processes.
The testing for air quality should be conducted by independent professionals with the equipment and expertise necessary to provide extensive testing results. This includes identifying the presence and exact levels of many different types of contaminants. The common contaminants that are tested for include chemicals, particulate, mold, bacteria, gases and various volatile organic compounds.
Businesses in the manufacturing and engineering industries may also want to have the air quality tested for oil mist, weld fume and lead.
Indoor air quality testing has also expanded to include tests that determine the level of noise in the area as well. Recent changes to the levels of acceptable noise that are allowed in the workplace make noise testing especially important now. It is important to ensure the noise levels are within the acceptable range to limit the number of employee complaints and long-term hearing loss.
Professional Industrial Air Quality Testing
An environmental consulting company is often one of the best choices to conduct independent testing for air quality. These consultants are especially useful when a business is conducting air quality testing as part of enforcing industrial hygiene. They are professionals who are familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and have experience performing the tests as part of a formal investigation or as part of due diligence on behalf of industry.
In the event that the business is performing air quality testing as part of the Environmental Compliance Approval process, environmental consultants have the expertise to expedite that process as well.
Testing for air quality is something that every business owner should commit to on a regular basis. Trust your air quality testing needs to respected environmental consultants to ensure your employees remain safe and productive.
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